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Arx acts as a key selector gene of the ventral telencephalon mainly through its repression transcriptional activity

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The homeobox containing gene Arx is expressed during ventral telencephalon development and it is required for correct GABAergic interneuron tangential migration from the ganglionic eminences to the olfactory bulbs, cerebral cortex and striatum. Its human ortholog is associated with a variety of neurological clinical manifestations whose syntoms are compatible with a loss of cortical interneurons and altered basal ganglia related-activities in humans. Herein, we reported the identification by global expression profiling of a group of genes whose expression is consistently altered in Arx mutant ganglionic eminences. Following analysis revealed the striking ectopic expression in the ganglionic eminences of a number of genes normally not, or only marginally, expressed in the ventral telencephalon. Among them, we functionally analyzed Ebf3, whose ectopic expression in ventral telencephalon is preventingneuronal tangential migration. Further, we showed that Arx is sufficient to repress Ebf3 endogenous expression and that its silencing in Arx mutant tissue might marginally rescue tangential cell movements. Together, these data provide an initial analysis of the molecular pathways regulated by Arx and how their networking might regulate those specific cellular processes during telencephalon development strongly altered by loss of Arx.
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