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Accession IconGSE11196

Fibrotic Myofibroblasts Manifest Genome-Wide Derangements of Translational Control

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array (hgu133plus2)

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As a group, fibroproliferative disorders of the lung, liver, kidney, heart, vasculature and integument are common, progressive and refractory to therapy. They can emerge following toxic insults, but are frequently idiopathic. Their enigmatic propensity to resist therapy and progress to organ failure has focused attention on the myofibroblast the primary effector of the fibroproliferative response. A central unanswered question is whether these myofibroblasts have acquired a distinct pathological phenotype - or whether they are normal myofibroblasts with a pathological phenotype that depends upon residing in a sea of pro-fibrotic cytokines and an abnormal extracellular matrix.
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