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Expression data from mouse lung

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Exposure to high levels of arsenic in drinking water is associated with several types of cancers including lung, bladder and skin, as well as vascular disease and diabetes. Drinking water standards are based primarily on epidemiology and extrapolation from higher dose experiments, rather than measurements of phenotypic changes associated with chronic exposure to levels of arsenic similar to the current standard of 10ppb, and little is known about the difference between arsenic in food as opposed to arsenic in water. Measurement of phenotypic changes at low doses may be confounded by the effect of laboratory diet, in part because of trace amounts of arsenic in standard laboratory chows, but also because of broad metabolic changes in response to the chow itself. Finally, this series contrasts 8hr, 1mg/kg injected arsenic with the various chronic exposures, and also contrasts the acute effects of arsenic, dexamethasone or their combination. Male C57BL/6 mice were fed on two commercially available laboratory diets (LRD-5001 and AIN-76A) were chronically exposed, through drinking water or food, to environmentally relevant concentrations of sodium arsenite, or acutely exposed to dexamethasone.
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