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Accession IconGSE109824

Genome-wide analysis of hepatic cells upon infection with Hepatitis B virus (HBV) or Hepatitis D virus (HDV)

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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Technology Badge IconIllumina HumanHT-12 V4.0 expression beadchip

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The same entry pathway is shared by HBV and HDV. Both viruses attach to hepatocytes via heparansulfate proteoglycan and utilize sodium taurocholate co-transporting polypeptide (NTCP) for a specifc entry. This specific entry step is inhibited by Myrcludex B, a 47-aa lipopeptide myristoylated at the N-terminus. Here we compared the cellular response in the gene expression level triggerred by both viruses. The microarray data shows that HBV infection leads to a silent response but HDV infection triggers high level of innate response such as inteferon-stimulated genes (ISG) expression. Moreover, the response depends on the hepatic cell lines used for infection. Compared to HepG2 cells, HuH7 can not induce ISG even infected by HDV.
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