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Morphological Characterization and Gene Mapping of a panicle apical abortion mutant(sipaa1)in Foxtail Millet

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A foxtail millet panicle apical abortion mutant sipaa1, induced from Yugu1 by EMS treatment, was genetically identified.Genetic analysis showed that segregating ratio of wild type to mutant plants were 3:1 in sipaa1 × SSR41 F2 generation, suggesting that the panicle apical abortion trait of sipaa1 was controlled by a single recessive nuclear gene. By map-based cloning,casual gene was limited into a 100 Kb region between Indel markers 1-9.23 and 1-9.333 on chromosome 1 of foxtail millet. Combined transcriptome sequencing and gene function analysis, we identified two candidate genes that are highly expressed in panicle, and reported to participate in plant floral development and stress responses. Panicle apical abortion may be regulated by hormone, stress responses, and programmed cell death pathway.
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