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MYCN overexpression in SH-SY5Y/6TR(EU)/pTrex-Dest-30/MYCN cell line

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MYCN overexpression in the doxycline MYCN inducible cell line SH-SY5Y/6TR(EU)/pTrex-Dest-30/MYCN (SY5Y-MYCN) using the dynamic transcriptome analysis (DTA) protocol. Samples at different time-points after MYCN over-expression and uninduced controls (0h) were sequenced in duplicates. The experimental setup consists of [A] total mRNA at 0h, 1h, 4h, 24h, which corresponds to the standard mRNA-seq protocol, [B] 4-thioUridine (4sU) labelled mRNA 30 min before extraction at time-points 0h, 1h, 4h, which is the freshly transcribed mRNA within the last 30 min before the time-point and [C] the counter-part, 4sU unlabelled mRNA 30 min before extraction which corresponds to the mRNA from before 30 min of extraction. The samples were sequenced on an Illumina GA IIx using the Illumina protocols.
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