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Transcriptional profiling by array of multiciliated cells isolated from embryonic zebrafish kidney with and without knockdown of MiR-34b to study multiciliogenesis during organ formation

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Multiciliated cells possess multiple motile cilia on the cell surface and are widely distributed throughout the vertebrate body to perform important physiological functions by regulating fluid movement in the intercellular space. However the molecular mechanisms underlying multiciliogenesis are not well understood. Although dysregulation of members of the miR-34 family plays a critical role in the progression of various cancers, the physiological function of miR-34b, especially in regulating multiciliogenesis, is largely unknown. Here we focus on the multiciliated cells in the zebrafish kidney to study whether and how miR-34b regulate multiciliogenesis. We performed genome-wide gene expression profiling of zebrafish kidney multiciliated cells in the absence (miR-34b morpholino) or presence of miR-34b (control morpholino). RNA samples for microarray gene expression profiling were collected at 3 days post fertilization.
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