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Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of the cell cycle

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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The goal of these libraries is to find transcriptome signatures of the different phases of the cell cycle. Single HeLa cells expressing fluorescent reporters that peak in G1 and G2/M phases were captured in C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep systems (Fluidigm recording red and green fluorescence for each cell individually, each cell was lysed and their RNAs converted to cDNAs in the C1 systems using SMARTer kits (Clontech). The cDNAs were then collected and converted to RNA-seq libraries by tagmentation using Illumina/Nextera kits. The cells used in this experiment are unpublished as of today, and precise details will be given later, together with the fluorescence values. In the meantime, this dataset can be used to assess reproducibility of single-cell RNA-seq over 5 runs in the Fluidigm system.
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